Value Statement

The values and principles that guide PSCFM in furthering its vision and mission are the continued commitment to:

• Our graduate students
• Continuous learning in all segments of credit management
• High standards and excellence
• Honesty, ethics and integrity
• Innovation
• Respect and Trust
• Professionalism, Accountability and Compliance

Our students are required to uphold the highest ethical standards and act with honesty and integrity.
Since 1995 the year we established, we have held a set of core values which still drive our operations till today, giving PSCFM its distinctive character and defining our approach to credit management as a global profession.

We provide networking opportunity and credit jobs security, free from artificial barriers, to credit management workforce around the world with strong bias for holders of PSCFM qualifications.

We create new and unexpected possibilities in the world of credit management professionalism and academics, looking ahead to the future.

We bake our students to act ethically and work for the interest of credit industry throughout the world, treating people fairly and honestly.

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