From developed to newly developed economies, down to developing and large emerging economies, it has been established that specialist/professional certifications greatly increase employability and career progression of people looking to be hired.

Inspite of the presence of many higher institutions of learning in every country of the world with large number of graduate students that they churn out for labour market, it is widely rated that almost 75% of graduates from less developed or developing countries are disappointingly un-employable. Yet, the quest by employers of labour in those countries to recruit “best graduate brains” to take on critical job roles remain unmet.

Certainly, it goes without saying that “head-knowledge” alone is evidently inadequate to guarantee delivery of job roles, employment and career advancement.

Corporate organizations generally in the world labour market now seeks to hire, retain and promote individuals that have been tenaciously re-baked with specific trainings, certifications, skills and experience.

As the job market continue to change at a more rapid pace than ever, influenced by emerging industries and disruptive business models, it is forecasted that some 65% of present generation graduates will likely work in roles that don’t currently exist. In particular, trade and business credit industry, financial credit industry, consumer credit industry, and public sector credit schemes for economic empowerment, as labour market for each of these industries are in acute shortage of well trained, well baked credit and financial analysis specialists.

Therefore, the role PSCFM is playing here for graduates that concluded their studies not too long ago with their local universities, as well as parents of undergraduates, is to enhance their employability in the labour market.

To help the families of the world and individuals gain values for their investment in education, PSCFM is inviting undergraduates everywhere, fresh and old university graduates who are either employed or unemployed, and persons who want a career shift to credit management to take advantage of learning programmes in credit management at the PSCFM.

Professional certification programme which bridges the gap between unemployability and employability is what PSCFM represents. This initiative leads to the award of job-enhanced professional qualifications, attesting that holders are specialists in credit analysis, credit and financial modeling, and credit management, designed to reshape, remodel and enhance the employability prospects of the holder.

Consequently, PSCFM’s admission is targeted at new or fresh university graduates, old university graduates who are either employed or un-employed, undergraduates seeking a robust career or qualification that fetches quick job or enables easy employment in the labour market upon completion of professional and academic programmes, and persons interested in career shift to credit management.

Credit management qualification fetches quick jobs anywhere, everywhere in credit industry globally. There are opportunities to start as credit analysis trainee and grow to become executive director or chief credit risk officer in charge of credit risk management in small, medium, blue-chip companies, conglomerates and multinational corporations anywhere in the world. Studying credit management at PSCFM gets you qualified1 for the role.

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